A Healthy Fitness Drink is Coming to Life…

Thursday, June 19th 2008

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- by Joey Atlas, Author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Fatness to Fitness’

Lots of people emailing asking about when Atlasjuice will be available.

We are getting closer – so hold tight – but for now – I wanted to share some info and get your feedback about a survey I took last year about this…

Three flavors were highly desired. Those are:

1 – Kiwi/Strawberry
2 – Cranberry/Pomegranate
3 – Peach/Mango

We are developing all three except for one change – the Cranberry/Pomegranate will actually be Cranberry/Lime.


I put the 2 flavors head to head – and the Cranberry/Lime simply blew away the Cran/Pom. No contest!

I also surveyed pricing. Based on results – most people interested in Atlasjuice are quite willing to spend $1.89 for a 17ounce bottle – perfect for fitness activities – or just a refreshing, healthy AND low-calorie drink, etc…

There is more info to share – and I will be posting some photos and asking for some more of your involvement in the development of the final product (smart business people ask their customers what they want and then give it to them).

Please leave your input and/or questions below by clicking on ‘COMMENTS’.

Your trainer,

Healthy, Flavorful, Low Calorie Alternative to Water is Born

Thursday, April 10th 2008

You’re probably dying to know – “What is Atlasjuice and can I buy it right now?”

First let me tell you what it is, why I created it for me, my family and my local clients and why I decided to develop it for you and worldwide distribution.

Atlasjuice is a 100% organic, pleasantly flavored (but NOT BLAND), very low calorie alternative to water. Notice – I am not saying it is a water replacement – as nothing can completely replace water as our primary hydrating liquid.

Water Is Good Stuff

But – lets face it – its very nice to have something to complement your daily water intake and help you meet your daily hydration requirements. Something that’s totally healthy, with NO chemical ingredients or potentially harmful additives – like all the other supposedly healthy beverages, enhanced waters and energy drinks on the mass market. I’ll be talking more about these in future articles on this blog.

Atlasjuice is a blend of fruit extracts, a small touch of purely organic sugar cane and a pinch of the botanical herb, Stevia. Stevia is an extract of the Stevia plant – from the sunflower family – that I have been using for the past 21 years. I will be devoting an entire section of this website to giving you every bit of fantastic information about the stevia plant, its long history and a bunch of other things that will quite simply, amaze you. Stay tuned for that…

Eventually, there will be a ’sports’ version for athletes (Atlasjuice ‘SuperCharged’) – with some extra natural sugars for muscle glycogen (energy) and natural sea salt for full spectrum electrolyte replacement – and some other natural performance ‘goodies’ we are working on.

But this first version is for the health and fitness people, like me and you – who do NOT want to drink 150 calories in a typical glass of juice or one of the mass market ’sugar waters’ with some nutrients thrown in to make you feel like you are doing something good for yourself.

I started making Atlasjuice for myself a few years ago – and here is the short version of the story.

My wife, Jeri-Jo asked if she could taste it – and she loved it so much – it became a daily request of hers. Then it became a frequent request of JoJo and Alexa – my son and older daughter (our 3.5 year old, Darah, even loves it). Then relatives and friends started asking for it when they visited.

Everyone said the same thing – “Hey, you should start selling this stuff.”

I was way ahead of them ;-) )

I had already begun doing my homework to see how I could bring this to market. And eventually teamed up with a company that is now helping me make this a reality. We are in the process of finalizing the flavor combinations and working out some of the logistical (delivery) parts of the equation.

Peach/Mango —– Cranberry/Lime —– Kiwi/Strawberry

Stay tuned – it won’t be long before you’ll be able to ‘Get Your Water In’ with Atlasjuice…

I have lots more info to share – and I’ll be posting it in the form of very informative articles on this site.

If you have any questions or comments – or just want to share your excitement with me and everyone else just click on ‘COMMENTS’ below and type away.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you.